International basic sciences knowledge contest

Intellectual educational project, which has been operating successfully for 12 years and every year unites thousands of students from all over the world

Who our knowledge contest tasks are for?

For students of primary, secondary and general schools
For students of lyceums and grammar schools






English (as a foreign language)

French (as a foreign language)

German (as a foreign language)

Russian (as a foreign language)

World art (Art)

Information science

Are you
in doubts?

Shake off
the doubts!

this project successfully exists for 12 years

250000 participants and 2792 schools from 9 countries

our tasks can be solved by ANY student

it means experience, interest, development and

it means plentitude of emotions, communication, meetings
with friends

it gives you high assessment of your achievements
and just reward

If others can do it, why will you fail???
ANY student can take part in the International basic sciences knowledge contest.
VERY teacher from EVERY school of EVERY city and EVERY country can register his/her students in the project.
The only condition consists of YOUR DESIRE to find new colleagues and friends in other cities and countries
and to talk to them in the language of science and culture!


years of work


participating countries

250 000


3 520

teachers - coordinators

2 792

participating schools


Diagram of development and check of knowledge guarantees its quality



requirements to the form and content of knowledge contest tasks and specifications for subjects of school program



WRITES tasks for knowledge contest



difficulty level of tasks and compliance of the tasks with topics of educational program


Professor of higher education institution

content and compliance of the tests with the educational programs


Unique testing complex (ETC) enables:

  • Testing in on-line mode,
  • Analysis of answers of the participants and immediate receipt of the testing results,
  • Generation of statistic reports.

Testing at physical presence/remote

  • Testing in physical presence is performed at the International Specialized Platforms. Knowledge contest tasks are solved in hard copy or soft copy using computer in classrooms as real time testing.
  • Remote testing is performed in educational institutions at location of permanent study of the participants. Knowledge contest tasks are solved only in form of on-line testing.

Appeal procedure

  • Appeal means a grounded written statement of disagreement with the credited points following assessment of papers filled in by knowledge contest participant. Appeals are accepted and processed within five business days after the protocols with result for each phase of the knowledge contest are published.

You've done the test succesfully!

Your result is 90 points.

Two phases of knowledge contest -
two steps to success

Phase 1

Reach you potential!

ALL the students are admitted
at this phase! Participate with us!

Phase 2 (Final)

We meet, we solve exciting tasks,
we talk and feel happy!

Final phase

The finalists may choose one of the given ways to
participate in the final of knowledge contest

At the international
specialized platforms

Kazan (Russia), St. Petersburg (Russia),
Moscow (Russia), Yekaterinburg (Russia),
Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia), Sochi (Russia),
Prague (Czech Republic), Antalya (Turkey).
The finalists participate in the educational
events (round tables, public professor’s
lectures, workshops), excursions and
receive good prizes.

At home

Comfortable execution of knowledge
contest tasks in form of remote on-line

What opportunities do the
"International basic sciences
knowledge contest"
provide for TEACHERS?
What is interesting in
our project for You?

Your portfolio will be inevitably enriched with certificates, diplomas
and letters of recognition following the results of knowledge contest.

Your participation in our knowledge contest will improve Your authority
among the colleagues and students.

Participation in the project will add points to the box of your achievements.

Participation of your students in our international project will give you
the additional bonuses during assessment of professional activity.

Communication with colleagues represents a continuous source
of inspiration.

Participation in the final phase at the international specialized
platforms enables you to see the education systems of countries
participating in the project, to exchange the teaching experience
and learn a lot of new and interesting information.


Reports in the personal room of teacher:

  • Reports on knowledge level of subjects
    per each grade,
  • Detailed report on applications,
  • Answers of students,
  • Report on educational elements.

Common access reports:

  • Analytical and statistic reports on
    subjects of International basic sciences
    knowledge contest
  • Statistics of participation of countries in the
    International basic sciences knowledge contest.

Technical support
and assistance

Support and coordination of the project are carried out by the employees of ANO House of Teacher
in the Ural Federal District, specialist with many years of experience

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+7 343 3776513


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