International Basic Sciences Knowledge Contest

XIII International Basic Sciences Knowledge Contest


The Geography Olympiad objectives:

  • to developstudents’ cognitive interests, intellectual and creative abilities in geographical sciences;
  • to support independent learning about one’s native country in its variety and integrity; about the environment, methods of its preservation and rational management;
  • to promote love of one’s region and one’s country, to teach mutual understanding of other nations;
  • to introduce the students to ecological culture, to promote a positive attitude to the environment;
  • to develop an ability and readiness to use the knowledge and competencies of Geography in everyday life.
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The History Olympiad objectives:

  • to develop students’ cognitive interests, intellectual and creative abilities in historical sciences;
  • to promote patriotism and respect for our native history and traditions, human rights and liberties;
  • to develop the ability to apply the acquired knowledge and views on historically formed systems of social standards and values in everyday life in order to participate in cultural interaction;
  • to facilitate the acquisition of methods of historical research and the ability to handle different sources of historical knowledge;
  • to contribute to the formation of value orientations in learning historically formed cultural, religious, and ethnic and national traditions.
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The Mathematics Olympiad objectives:

  • to promote abilities for creativity in Mathematics;
  • to develop students’ spatial perception and intuition, their mathematical culture ;
  • to support treatment of mathematics as a part of universal culture;
  • to contribute to students’ intellectual development;
  • to promote the traits of character vital for life in today’s society, such as: vividness and accuracy of mind, critical thinking, intuition, logical thinking, elements of algorithmic culture, spatial perception, and an ability to overcome difficulties.
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