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Lapenok Marina Vadimovna

Computer science

Директор Института математики, информатики и информационных технологий Уральского государственного педагогического университета, заведующая кафедрой информатики, информационных технологий и методики обучения информатике УрГПУ. 

Lapenok Marina Vadimovna

In 1977 she graduated from the physics and mathematics school № 52 in Riga, in 1982 she graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Latvian State University named after P. Stuchki, major “Applied mathematics” with qualification “Mathematician”.

According to appointment she was sent to Nizhny Tagil to Ural Carriage Works, where she worked as a design engineer in the implementation of the design automation system of freight cars from August 1982 to November 1986. Further she continued the research in the field of design automation system of freight cars as a postgraduate of Moscow Institute of Railway Transport Engineers from December 1986 to March 1990.

In March 1990 Lapenok M.V. earned a degree of Candidate in Technical Sciences.

From April 1990 she began teaching activities, first at Nizhny Tagil State Pedagogical Institute as a senior teacher at the Department of Informatics and computer technology, and then as an associate professor and head of the Department. From September 1994 professional activities of Marina Vadimovna was connected with Ural State Pedagogical University (USPU), Yekaterinburg. At first she worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Informatics and computer engineering, then she became a Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and then – Director of Institute of Informatics and Information Technologies.

In 1998 Marina Vadimovna earned the academic title of Associate Professor of Informatics and Computing.

Currently Lapenok M.V. is Director of Institute of Mathematics, Informatics and Information Technologies at Ural State Pedagogical University, and Head of the Department of Computer science, information technology and teaching methods in Computer Science at Ural State Pedagogical University. Institute of Mathematics, Informatics and Information Technology trains future teachers of informatics, as well as specialists in the field of information technology, training is carried out on eight different majors.

In 2014 Lapenok M.V. defended her Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences on the theme “Scientific and pedagogical foundations of the creation and use of electronic educational resources of distance learning information environment (through the example of teacher training)”, major 13.00.02 - theory and methodology of training and education (education informatization) at Institute of Education Informatization of Russian Academy of Education.

Lapenok M.V. is an active member of Academy of Education Informatization.

Research interests of Marina Vadimovna are in the sphere of information and communication technologies use, in particular, distance technologies in education. Lapenok M.V. has 89 published scientific works, including 3 monographs, 10 study guides, 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 8 articles in international scientific journals.

Among the students of Marina Vadimovna Lapenok there are winners of Contests for students in information and communication technologies and programming.

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