Uluslararası Bilim  Temelleri Bilgi Yarışması

XIV.Uluslararası Bilim Temelleri Bilgi Yarışması (2017-2018)

XIV.Uluslararası Bilim Temelleri Bilgi Yarışması

XIV.Uluslararası Bilim Temelleri Bilgi Yarışması uygulama tarihleri:

1.etap kayıt ve müracaat tarihleri: 01.10.2017-17.11.2017

1.etap uygulama  tarihleri: 18.11.2017-06.12.2017

Final uygulama  tarihleri: 07.04.2018-10.04.2018

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FIFA World Cup 2018

On the eve of the World Cup, which will be held in the summer of 2018 in Russia, all the subject Olympiads include tasks united by a common theme - the theme of football.

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Yarışma Branşları


XIII. Uluslararası Bilim Temelleri Bilgi Yarışması Biyoloji branşı  Nikolay Drozdov'a  ithaf edilmiştir. 


The Chemistry Olympiad objectives:

  • to promote a conviction that Chemistry plays a positive role in modern society, and that a competent attitude for one’s health and the environment is necessary;
  •  to master an ability to apply the gained knowledge for explanation of various chemical phenomena and substance properties, for assessment of the role of Chemistry in the development of new techniques and obtainment of new materials;
  • to apply the gained knowledge and skills for the safe use of substances and materials for everyday life, agricultural and industrial needs, and for prevention of the phenomena harmful to human health and the environment;
  • to introduce the students to ecological culture, to teach them to analyse the impact of chemicals on the environment.

XIII.Uluslararası  Bilim Temelleri  Bilgi  Yarışması 

İngilizce branşı Dame Judith Olivia Dench ‘e ithaf edilmiştir.


 XIII.Uluslararası  Bilim Temelleri  Bilgi  Yarışması

Coğrafya branşı Jacek Edvard Pałkiewicz’ e ithaf edilmiştir.


 XIII.Uluslararası  Bilim Temelleri  Bilgi  Yarışması 

Almanca branşı Alman yazar Cornelia Funke’ye ithaf edilmiştir.

Bilim Teknoloji

The Informatics Olympiad objectives are:

  • to acquire skills of processing different types of data via the computer and other facilities of information and communication technologies, to organize one’s own information activity and predict its results;
  • to develop responsible attitude to information regarding legal and ethic sides of data distribution, and to promote selective attitude to the received data;
  • to develop the fundamental knowledge of information, informational processes, systems, techniques, and simulators;
  • to reveal the students’ level of creativity and initiative in the application of information and communication technologies;
  • to build an ability and readiness to apply information technologies in practical use in the modern world.



XIII.Uluslararası  Bilim Temelleri  Bilgi  Yarışması 

Matematik branşı Pierre Rene Deligne' ye ithaf edilmiştir.


The Physics Olympiad objectives:

  • to master the knowledge of fundamental laws and principles of Physics underlying the modern physical worldview, of major discoveries in Physics which influenced the development of techniques and technologies, and of methods of scientific research of Nature;
  • to promote a conviction that laws of Nature are cognizable, that developments of Physics can be beneficial for the human civilization, that cooperation in handling tasks is necessary; to support respectful attitude to the opponent’s view in discussing scientific problems; to promote readiness for moral evaluation of the use of scientific developments, and responsibility for environment protection;
  • to apply the acquired knowledge and skills for dealing with practical everyday issues of rational management and environment protection.