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Manilo Ivan Ivanovich


I.I. Manilo was born on 28 May 1947 in the settlement of Shenderovka in the Korsun-Shevchenkovsky district, Cherkassk Region of the Ukraine SSR.


He graduated from Kharkovsk Radio-electronics Institute in 1970, and is Doctor of technical sciences, Honorary Innovator of the RSFSR (since 1982), Honorary Deviser of the RSFSR (since 1985), full member of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety. Awarded with a medal.

In 1971-1982 he successively worked as an engineer, constructing engineer, leading constructor, director of a design-engineering department, deputy director, and director of the Special Software Engineering Office “Kurganpribor”.

In 1982-1995 he was deputy director at the Technical Department, director of the Computer-aided Design Development Department, the leading computer-aided design constructor and head of the Integral Department of Design Work Automatization at the “Giproavtoagregat” Institute, vice-president of the region’s Association of Russian Managers on research projects.

Since 1995 I.I. Manilo is President of the Kurgan Centre at the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety and Director of Information and Analytics Centre on Explanation to the Public of the problem of utilizing chemical weapon.

I.I. Manilo contributed to solving topical issues of chemical, radiation, and nuclear safety by developing radiation-monitoring instruments and equipment for automatic monitoring and industrial processing control.

I.I. Manilo authors over 300 scientific-technical publications, has 51 industrial patents and 116 innovative initiatives. He was awarded honorary titles of Honorary Innovator of the RSFSR (in 1982) and Honorary Deviser of the RSFSR (in 1995), and Honorary Member of All-Union Society of Inventors and Rationalizers (in 1999) as well.

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