International Basic Sciences Knowledge Contest

Open International University of Human Development «Ukraine»


A range of 45 specialities covers the professions being the most competitive in terms of the labor market. The contents of an educational process are built on the basis of the latest achievements in pedagogics and with account taken of the best practices of the best Russian and foreign institutions of higher education. The University has a state-corporate order for training of specialists; academic, sports and other grants, including scholarships, are introduced.


A publishing house, printing office, audio- and video studio, interactive studio, driving school, language center, center for practical psychology, various study groups and clubs work at the University. The structure of the University includes 8 institutes in Kiev, as well as 29 territorially autonomous subdivisions and branches function. More than 75% of the Professors, Doctors, Candidates of Sciences have state awards and distinctions. Effective student self-government is created at the University. More than 30 thousand students get education at the University. 15 Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympic champions who have several government awards are among the students and graduates of the University.

The University was awarded with international and national certificates and medals many times. Talanchuk Petr Mikhailovich, President of the University, is a member of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP). The University cooperates with 96 international partners.

ANO “UFD Teaching House” (Yekaterinburg, Russia) has been one of the reliable partners of the University since 2011. The University realizes the Academic Project “International Olympiad in Fundamentals of Sciences” on the territory of Ukraine in cooperation with this partner.

University “Ukraina” is a unique institution of higher education with Level of Accreditation IV which makes its significant contribution into improvement of the intellectual potential of the nation.

23, Lvovskaya Str., Kiev, 03115

Tel: (044) 423-72-30, (099)364-43-13


National Organizing Committee of the International Olympiad in Fundamentals of Sciences in Ukraine

Chairman of the NOC – Talanchuk Petr Mikhailovich – President of University “Ukraina”

Co-Chairman – Mayboroda Elena Viktorovna – Director of Institute of Open Education

Project Manager – Savchenko Oxana Viktorovna



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